We are a CPA firm and licensed Immigration Consultancy in Taiwan, providing a one-stop service for starting a business and residency.

Thank you for your interest in investing in Taiwan. With our professional, comprehensive services and expertise in company registration, application for work permits for people from other countries, health and labor insurance and personal tax returns, we can help you realize your aspirations in Taiwan. 

‧Planning your investment structure:

We advise you on issues such as the legal responsibilities, developmental potential and limitations, ways of tax mitigation of different investment structures.


We help you obtain registration for a variety of matters concerning your investment in Taiwan: incorporation registration, Branch registration, Representative office registration,  taxation registry, importer/exporter registration, labor insurance/national health insurance registration and trademark registration.

‧Work permits and Resident Certificate:

We help you apply for work permits for aliens, renew work permits, and apply for Alien Resident Certificates (ARC) for investors/employees/spouse/children.

‧A lease on our office:

You may register your Taiwan office temporarily at our office and relocate after you have found the right premises of your own.

‧Handling general affairs:

We take care of matters such as taxation, accounting, cash registry, human resources, salary payment, labor insurance and national health insurance on your behalf.

Investment Structure - 捷瑞會計師事務所

Investment Structure

※ There are several ways for you to invest in Taiwan. The following table c...
Taxation - 捷瑞會計師事務所


Having set up a company as your investment in Taiwan, you will need to pay a var...
Investment Procedure - 捷瑞會計師事務所

Investment Procedure

Here are the procedures and estimated processing time for different types of com...
Foreigner Work Permits - 捷瑞會計師事務所

Foreigner Work Permits

Application for Foreigner Work Permits and Resident Certificates.
Social insurances eligible for residents - 捷瑞會計師事務所

Social insurances eligible for residents

Social insurances eligible for residents      
Employment Recruitment - 捷瑞會計師事務所

Employment Recruitment

Employers’ compliance with the Labor Standards Act is required in Taiwan. ...
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Entrepreneur Visa

In an effort to attract innovative entrepreneurs to Taiwan, the government intro...
Links for Foreigner - 捷瑞會計師事務所

Links for Foreigner

Some Useful Link for foreign investor.
English-friendly professional services - 捷瑞會計師事務所

English-friendly professional services

English-friendly professional services